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Rosiel: Rosiel: ::glances at Katou out of the corner of his eye:: Care to begin?
Katou: Katou: Errr... I can't.
Rosiel: ::in amusement:: Can't?
Katou: *nods* You heard me.
Rosiel:::laughs without warning, eyes glittering strangely:: Is it because of that dick Lucifer<>
Katou: Yeah. And because I want to keep my balls too.
Rosiel:::suddenly he lashes out and grips Katou's upper arm. His otherworldly strength makes it impossible for the human to break away::
Katou: *struggles vainly to break free from Rosiel's grip* Let go! You monster!
Rosiel:::curls the fingers of his other hand around Katou's throat, pressing against his windpipe:: What did you call me?
Katou: *snickers inwardly at how stupid it is to ask someone to speak when they can barely breath; gasps and chokes and claws at Rosiel's wrists*
Rosiel: ::presses his lips against those of the blond, biting down on Katou's lower lip and drawing blood. Still holding the mortal almost immobile with his magic, he rips off Katou's shirt and throws it aside::
Katou: *jerks his head to avoid Rosiel's kiss, licks the blood off his lips, the coppery taste of the crimson liquid only fueling his anger; on a spiteful tone* I said let go, you monster! You're not going to get away with it!
Rosiel: Won't I? ::unzips Katou's pants::
Katou: *growls in protest and struggles harder as he mumbles strings of insults and vicious curses*
Rosiel: ::smiles at the human's anger and forces him onto the lavish bed::
Katou: Fine. Clearly forcing others to sleep with you is the only way you could ever get someone to love you.
Rosiel: ::ignores Katou's words and pins his arms down above his head::
Katou: *continues taunting* You're a monster. No one loves you.
Rosiel: ::backhands Katou across the face forcefully, nails cutting into the man's face and gouging bloody red scratches across his otherwise attractive features::
Rosiel: Shut up!
Katou: *winces* Ah.... Make me if you can! Monster, monster, monster, MONSTER!
Rosiel: ::forces his lips down upon Katou's, biting hard. He closes his ears against Katou's insults and closes his eyes as imagine that instead of a strong blond human beneath him there is instead a tall, slender, silver-haired angel. Satisfied, he forces entrance into Katou::
Katou: *gasps against Rosiel's lips and writhes, waves of pain coursing through his body*
Rosiel:::grimaces and forces himself in and out of Katou, amber eyes still clenched shut against reality::
Katou: averts his gaze to the ceiling and tries to empty his mind and not to think about what's happening*
Rosiel: ::comes rather too swiftly for his liking and collapses for a moment against Katou, exhausted and horrified at what he has done. After a moment, he stands and buttons his pants::
Rosiel: ::pushes a few errant strands of lavander hair out of his face and turns away, complexion ashen::
Katou: *rolls over onto his side and curls into a ball* Bastard....
Rosiel:::tries to ignore the clenching in his stomach. Guilt floods his entire being. Softly---:: Go away now.
Katou: I wish. *leers*
Rosiel: whirls around, eyes narrowed dangerously:: Something for you?
Katou: Something for.... what the hell are you talking about?
Rosiel: ::angrily:: I told you to get out of here. Why haven't you obeyed me?
Katou: Cause obviously I don't have the powers to leave Atziluth by myself. And I want my fucking clothes back.
Rosiel: ::picks up Katou's clothes from the floor and throws them at him roughly::
Katou: *bends and gathers his clothes, putting them back on swiftly*
Rosiel: Now come here.
Katou: raises an eyebrow suspiciously* Why would I?
Rosiel: ::irritated:: So I can send you back to earth, of course. Why else?
Rosiel: Do you really think I wish to keep filth such as you around longer than is absolutely necessary.
Katou: *grits his teeth and comes closer reluctantly* Yeah yeah... shut up.
Rosiel: ::reaches for Katou's hand and twines his fingers with the blond's:: Now shut your eyes--and your mouth---or it won't work right.
Katou: *growls but remains otherwise quiet, forcing himself to bear Rosiel's touch in silence*
Rosiel: ::glares at the top of Katou's head and sends him away, to Assiah::
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