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Rosiel: ::Rosiel leans against a marble wall in the halls of Atziluth, his pose casual yet strangely elegant in manner. One boot is rested up behind him on the wall and he is studying his interlocked fingers as he waits. He knows that she will come...she always passes this way just before sunset::
Alexiel: Alexiel walked down the hall with the marble floors as well, carrying herself with a grace that was typical of her as she seemed to be in something of a world of her own as she was reading a book as she walked. Glancing up at him and breaking out of her world she arched an eyebrow slightly at seeing her brother, seemingly waiting for somebody.
Rosiel: Rosiel stands when he sees his sister, pulling his cascade of silver-blue hair over one shoulder to toy with its strands with his fragile fingers. A small smile cracks across his lips and he steps toward her. "Alexiel, my sister," he says.
Alexiel: Alexiel closed the book that she had in her hands, keeping it at her side as she tilts her head to the side, watching her brother momentarily as he walked towards her. A somewhat cynical smile of hers appeared, "Rosiel... How are you?"
Rosiel: His smile suddenly falls away and is replaced by a grim expression. "I need to talk to you about something."
Alexiel: "Enough that you would stand around and wait for me? Goodness it must be important considering your schedule." Sighing softly her smile is replaced as well, except with a blank and almost tired expression, "What is it?"
Rosiel: He glances around them. "Not here. Come," he motions with his hand and leads the way into a small chamber off the main corridor.
Alexiel: She follows behind him into the small chamber off the main corridor, wondering what it is that could make him act with the amount of urgency and secrecy that he was.
Rosiel: Rosiel almost immediately begins pacing, fingers twisting the same strand of hair around themselves in an endless spiral. His amber eyes are stabbed with agitation, and he paces in silence for a moment, then whirls around at last to face his sister. "They..they told me that I---" He breaks off and brings the tendril of hair to his lips anxiously.
Alexiel: Alexiel was pretty un-nerved to see something had her brother in a state of distress such as this, taking a step towards him the look on her face, while not terribly obvious, changed to concern, her voice however, remaining calm, "What did they tell you? And who's 'they' for that matter?"
Rosiel: Rosiel calms himself enough to drop his hair and take an impersonal military stance. His voice, however, still holds a slight waver. "They told me...that I will...." he takes a deep breath, then continues determinedly. "That I will degenerate."
Alexiel: Alexiel did something of a slight double-take, while she knew what the term 'degenerate' meant in general she hadn't heard of how that term could be applied to an angel. She realized simply by Rosiel's body language that this was a devastating thing for him, but her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she thought, "What do you mean, degenerate? How can that happen to you?"
Rosiel: He laughs softly. The sound in itself is uncaring, but beneath it there lies an unmistakable pain. "I mean that, with every millennia that passes, I shall deteriorate. However, not in the mortal sense of the word. Instead of growing older, this body will grow younger. As..." he falters for a moment, then swiftly regains himself. "As will my mind. I will reach the point where I am no longer able to make judgements I will grow irritable, and yet childish." He smiles slightly, although his eyes remain shadowed. "In other words, I will go insane." Rosiel raises one arm to each side, displaying his slender body for his sister to see. "You may not outwardly be able to see it. Not now, at least. But has already begun." A steel wire shoots from his fingertips and smashes a ceramic vase that was displayed on a table, then retreats back into his flesh. The skin closes over it, pure alabaster once more.
Alexiel: Alexiel takes a step back, almost as if she has the wind knocked out of her for a moment she's simply in shock with what she's just been told. Her eyes focusing on her brother once more although she's still processing what she's just been told, her voice lower than usual with a hint of solemnity, averting her eyes momentarily, "And who told you this? How did they find out that this is your fate?"
Rosiel: Rosiel shakes his head. "Who it was does not matter. That is no concern of yours. But I can assure you---it was a most trustworthy source. Now..." he returns to a less formal stance and approaches her, not speaking until they are less than six inches apart. He is slightly shorter than her, so he has to lift his chin in order to look her straight in the eye. "Will you do something for me? Will you kill me before I lose all sense of reality?"
Alexiel: As he lifted his chin she lowered hers slightly, looking him back in the eye although now it was her eyes that seemed shadowed, her eyes exploring her brother's face momentarily before settling on his eyes again and she gave a slight, almost undistinguishable nod of her head. "Alright Rosiel...."
Rosiel: "Promise me."
Alexiel: She nodded her head again, her eyes not leaving him, "I promise."
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