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Leave me alone! >_

Rosiel: ::takes Katou by surprise, sneaking up behind him and resting one hand on each of his shoulders:: Long time no see, human.
Katou: *jumps in surprise and turns to face Rosiel, slapping the angel's hands off of him* What do you want, monster?
Rosiel: ::smiles grimly:: To talk to you.
Katou: About what?
Rosiel: ::raises one fine eyebrow delicately:: I think you know. We...both...know.
Katou: Hmm... you underestimate me. *scoffs*
Rosiel: ::laughs lightly:: I do not desire your body, mortal. Do not flatter yourself.
Rosiel: Filth such as yourself is nothing compared to the purity of an angel.
Katou: Yeah hmm.. whatever you say, I never implied that I wanted to be molested by your filth hands again, thank you very much.
Rosiel: ::his lip curls in distaste:: You disgust me. However, I shall have to endure your presence as long as is necessary, I suppose.
Katou: Likewise. But make it quick, puh-lease.
Rosiel: ::folds his arms, tapping his left forefinger as his gaze flickers up and down Katou's body:: I was wondering about your opinion on the relationship between you and the Dark Lord.
Katou: What am I supposed to tell you?
Rosiel: ::his smirk widens:: Your opinion. How do you feel about Lucifel taking his advantage of you.
Katou: *shrugs carelessly* I don't give a flying fuck.
Rosiel: Don't you? ::takes a step closer to Katou:: It does not disturb you to know that he is fooling around with beings other than yourself? ::adjusts the tilt of his military-issue hat with his fingers:: Shamelessly?
Katou: Not the slighest.
Rosiel: ::reaches into his pocket and retrieves a pack of cigarettes:: Want a smoke?
Katou: Certainly not from you.
Rosiel: Whatever you say. ::shrugs and slips the cigarette in between his own lips and lights it::
Katou: So what are you trying to do? You're hoping I'll just turn against Lucifer, right?
Rosiel: ::laughs softly:: No. Not at all.
Katou: Then what?
Rosiel: Tell him something for me. ::exhales a stream of smoke:: I wish to speak with your master, and I do not trust you not to relay the message for me. ::brushes a strand of hair from his face:: Therefore, I am retaining something of his. And when he notices that it is missing, he will eventually have to come and get it back. And that means coming to me.
Rosiel: ::gestures with his hands so that Katou is trapped by a nest of snaking steel wires::
Katou: What are you retai--- *struggles vainly against the wires and sighs* Stupid question.
Rosiel: ::smirks:: And don't worry. I won't do anything to you. Lucifel will not want a ruined pet.
Katou: *rolls his eyes* You better hide Katan damn well.
Rosiel: Heh. Don't worry, I will.
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