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Your Character's AIM SN(can also be your own): don't have one yet.. if i'm on aim i'd be under aGrotesque.. i think >.>
Your LJ (optional): sceleratus

Greetings all i thought i should introduce myself... a big thank you to idreamofshoebox for getting me involved with this delightful community ^^. Looks like there's lots of fun to be had here reading some of the entries ^_~. I tend to para rp because it's an excuse for my slowness. I role play Rociel over yahoo so forgive me if it doesn't feel like i've got the propper jist to Sevi yet but i am studying.

Seeing as i don't care much personally for Zaphkiel, and there is non, i'm forcing my friend to play my Metatron XD. Everyone give him a nice paedophilic tug on his clothes when he comes in =D
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