Sevotharte (_sevotharte_) wrote in x_lost_angels_x,

Broad Cast Across All of Heaven

To all of Heaven I have fatal and sad news that God himself wishes all to hear.

The Inorganic Angel Rociel has recently returned to Heaven unannounced and has murdered The Voice of God and Great Seraphim Metatron sama.

He was murdered last night within the walls of the White Palace itself. Patrols managed to kill a few of the Assassins who prove to be of the cold and merciless elite troops who only follow the Inorganic Angel, sinning as they forget about the glory of God.

Today I have come to report of a decision the high committee made regarding the Inorganic Angel. He is to be arrested on site by any means possible so a trial may be held. If he refuses then he is to be executed on the spot.

So for now, please accept I, White Angel Sevotharte, Prime Minister of Heaven, ex spokesman of Metatron sama, to continue to govern and lead our world into a beloved, pure and white world by the glory and wishes of God.

A great statue shall be erected for the late Metatron sama, please pay your respects.
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