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Lost + Angels


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Bonjour! Welcome to x_Lost_angels_x ~an Angel Sanctuary RPG community. The moderators are darkpierrot and idreamofshoebox, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!! ♣ Email ♣

Please Read The Guidelines Carefully!!!

Guidelines ♠

♥ This is a Yaoi-friendly community (please use a LJ-cuts for NC-17 material...that is if you really want to post it!)

♥ Please create a separate Live Journal account for your character.

♥ Make sure you know your character well!

♥ The maximum number of character each person can claim is 2. (exceptions: Kira & Lucifer, Alexiel & Setsuna)

♥ The access for AIM is needed in this Community, most of the RPGs are going to be taking place on IM. (A separate AIM account for your character is recommended!)

♥ Feel free to use an already dead character!

♥ Please don't do anything to other people's character without the person's permission.

♥ LJ-cuts should be used for any long, NC-17, or picture posts.

♥ Please post as often as you can, (update your journal at least once a month.)


♥ Use ((...)) for OOC (out of character) posts or just write OOC:

How to JOIN ♠
Make a LJ account for your character and join the community. Then make a post including:
Your Character's Name:
Your Character's LJ:
Your Character's AIM SN(can also be your own):
Your LJ (optional):

Now you are ready to RP!! Have fun!
(check the list below for characters which have been already taken.)


Character List

Name: Rosiel
LJ: imevilsowhat
AIM SN: imevilsowhat

Name: Mad Hatter (belial)
LJ: _x_belial_x_
AIM SN: X MH pierrot X

Name: Kurai (九雷)
LJ: dragon_master16
AIM SN: DeityofTime9

Name: Katou Yue (加藤 故)
LJ: dont_yuu_kun_me
AIM SN: freezingground

Name: Sarah Mudou (無道沙羅)
LJ: saramudou
AIM SN: aisuCircuit

Name: Kira Sakuya (吉良朔夜)/Lucifer
LJ: pray_nightfall
AIM SN: TheSilverLined

Name: Katan
LJ: loyal_to_vanity
AIM SN: muteInglorious/TheSilverlined

Name: Setsuna Mudou (無道刹那) /Alexiel
LJ: angel_awakening
AIM SN: Frozen Rebellion

Name: Sevotharte
LJ: _sevotharte_
AIM SN: none yet.

Questions? Feel free to ask darkpierrot or idreamofshoebox