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Christmas Party!!

All are cordially invited to attend the Christmas Party that will be occuring at a point in the very near future. Dates open are December 8, 9, 11 and 12. Choose the earliest date possible to begin, so that the party can continue on the other days if it is not completed on the first.

Please respond as promptly as possible.


Inorganic Angel Rosiel
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One word. Finals.

I could possibly make it, yet my brain might not be up for whatever drama may come up during this chat. Right now, said brain just wishes to jump off a cliff and die a very quick death.

[Katou's OOC]
All right. I have finals as well (::sad face::) but if you have time, let me know. Which of the dates would work best for you?

Rosiel OOC
Honestly, anytime after December 18 would be fine.

[Katou's OOC]